• Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009369
  • 2012

Occupational therapy practice guidelines for adults with serious mental illness.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009119
  • 2003 Sep (revised 2012 Jul)

Nutrition and physical activity guidelines for cancer survivors.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010016
  • 2006 Oct (revised 2013 Sep)

Urinary incontinence: the management of urinary incontinence in women.

Diagnosis and management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in adults.

2012 ACCF/AHA/ACP/AATS/PCNA/SCAI/STS guideline for the diagnosis and management of patients with stable ischemic heart disease.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:011021
  • 2016 Jul 6

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD): assessment and management.

Type 2 diabetes in adults: management.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010357
  • 2013 Oct

Clinical practice guidelines for the management of overweight and obesity in adults, adolescents and children in Australia.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010649
  • 2008 Feb (revised 2015 Feb)

Irritable bowel syndrome in adults: diagnosis and management of irritable bowel syndrome in primary care.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010417
  • 2009 Mar (revised 2014 May)

Secondary prevention of ischemic heart disease and stroke in adults.

Stable coronary artery disease.

Chronic kidney disease. Early identification and management of chronic kidney disease in adults in primary and secondary care.

Obesity: identification, assessment and management of overweight and obesity in children, young people and adults.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010370
  • 2009 (revised 2012 May)

Guidelines for the management of absolute cardiovascular disease risk.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010688
  • 2015 Mar 13

Maintaining a healthy weight and preventing excess weight gain among adults and children.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010554
  • 2004 Aug (addendum released 2005 Jun; revised 2014 Sep)

Dyspepsia and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. Investigation and management of dyspepsia, symptoms suggestive of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, or both.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009545
  • 2003 Dec (revised 2012 Jul)

European guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention in clinical practice (version 2012).

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009173
  • 2012 Jun

Osteoporosis in men: an Endocrine Society clinical practice guideline.