• Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009703
  • 2003 (revised 2012)

Advance directives. In: Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice.

Heart failure in adults.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009845
  • 2007 (revised 2012)

Health maintenance in the long term care setting.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009697
  • 2012 Nov

American Thyroid Association guidelines for management of patients with anaplastic thyroid cancer.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:011068
  • 2016 Aug 30

Transition between inpatient mental health settings and community or care home settings.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010919
  • 2016 Feb 24

Motor neurone disease: assessment and management.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009718
  • 2003 (revised 2012)

Assessment and management of mealtime difficulties. In: Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:011016
  • 2016 Aug 1

Locally advanced, unresectable pancreatic cancer: American Society of Clinical Oncology clinical practice guideline.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010589
  • 2013 Feb

Multisociety consensus quality improvement guidelines for intraarterial catheter-directed treatment of acute ischemic stroke from the American Society of Neuroradiology, Canadian Interventional Radiology Association, Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe, Society for Cardiac Angiography and Interventions, Society of Interventional Radiology, Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery, European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy, Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009325
  • 2012 Aug 22

Best evidence statement (BESt). Speech therapist directed use of video modeling for patients with autism spectrum disorder.

  • Expert Commentary

New Directions for Health Care Information Technology

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009074
  • 2012 Apr

Eribulin for the treatment of locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010860
  • 2015 Nov 25

Pembrolizumab for advanced melanoma not previously treated with ipilimumab.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010497
  • 2014 Jul

Ipilimumab for previously untreated advanced (unresectable or metastatic) melanoma.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009517
  • 2012 Dec

Ipilimumab for previously treated advanced (unresectable or metastatic) melanoma.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010011
  • 2013 Aug

Everolimus in combination with exemestane for treating advanced HER2-negative hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer after endocrine therapy.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009894
  • 2013 May

Bevacizumab in combination with paclitaxel and carboplatin for first-line treatment of advanced ovarian cancer.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009893
  • 2013 May

Bevacizumab in combination with gemcitabine and carboplatin for treating the first recurrence of platinum-sensitive advanced ovarian cancer.