• Guideline Summary
  • NGC:010917
  • 2016 Feb 17

Major trauma: service delivery.

Adapting your practice: treatment and recommendations for unstably housed patients with HIV/AIDS.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009364
  • 2012 Oct

Rural maternity care.

Managing chronic non-terminal pain in adults including prescribing controlled substances.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:008093
  • 1993 (revised 2010 Oct; reaffirmed 2015 Oct 31)

Practice guideline for the treatment of patients with major depressive disorder, third edition.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009960
  • 2013 Jun

Health professionals working with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis consensus guideline.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009747
  • 2006 Jul (revised 2013 Mar)

Antisocial behaviour and conduct disorders in children and young people: recognition, intervention and management.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009978
  • 2013 Jun

VA/DoD clinical practice guideline for assessment and management of patients at risk for suicide.

Autism. The management and support of children and young people on the autism spectrum.

  • Guideline Summary
  • NGC:009892
  • 2013 May

Social anxiety disorder: recognition, assessment and treatment.