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'(hip' and 'replacement' and 'arthroplasty)' and 'thromboprophylaxis'
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Prevention of venous thromboembolism. 2004 Mar 6 (revised 2010 Sep 5). NGC:008796
Finnish Medical Society Duodecim - Professional Association. View all guidelines by the developer(s)
Steps to reduce surgical risk. In: II guidelines for perioperative evaluation. 2007 (revised 2011). NGC:008596
Brazilian Society of Cardiology - Medical Specialty Society. View all guidelines by the developer(s)
Management of hip fracture in older people. A national clinical guideline. 2009 Jun. NGC:007464
Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network - National Government Agency [Non-U.S.]. View all guidelines by the developer(s)
1-3 of 3