NGC's Revised Inclusion Criteria

What are the main changes to the inclusion criteria?

How do these changes affect the submission process? What documents* are required?

What documentation is required to ensure the guideline was developed, reviewed, or revised within the past 5 years?

What if the documentation is not published or in a report?

Will NGC have guidelines that meet two different sets of criteria (i.e., 1997 criteria versus 2013 [revised] criteria)? How long will guidelines accepted under the old criteria remain in NGC?

How will I know which guidelines in NGC meet the 2013 (revised) criteria?

How do the 2013 (revised) criteria help me evaluate the guidelines in NGC?

Why were NGC's inclusion criteria revised?

My NGC Personalization

What features are available for "My NGC" personalization?

How can I sign up for a free account?

What types of custom e-mail alerts are available and how can I sign up?

How often are My NGC e-mail alerts issued?

Why can't I find my specific topic of interest in the topics alerts feature?

How can I remove My Recent Searches and My Recently Viewed Summaries from my home page?

How can I opt out of the passive personalization (My Recent Searches and My Recently Viewed Summaries) features?

Once I create a free account on NGC, am I automatically signed up for a free account on NGC's sister site, National Quality Measures Clearinghouse (NQMC)?

Guideline Summaries

Why don't all of the summaries include references supporting the recommendations?

What are UMLS concepts, and how are they used on NGC?

Guideline Submissions, Current Inclusion Criteria, Copyright Permission

Are there copyright restrictions on the information accessed through the NGC Web site at www.guideline.gov?

What are examples of supporting documents that can be submitted to NGC?

How does NGC use the submitted guideline documentation?

Publication Activity

How can I find out about new guideline summaries published to the NGC Web site?

How can I find out whether a particular guideline will be added to NGC in the future?

How can I obtain an earlier version of a guideline currently included in NGC?

What happens when a guideline summary is removed from the NGC Web site?

Why are many guidelines removed from NGC at the end of the year, and how do I know whether they are going to be updated?


How can I find guidelines on a specific topic?

How can I limit my search results to those guidelines that include an evidence table and/or evaluation of the level of evidence for each recommendation?

Is NGC searching the complete, full-text guideline for my search terms?

Is the NGC search engine case sensitive?

My search returned a results page stating "no results were found." Why doesn't NGC have any guidelines on my topic?

What is the difference between the Find, Search, and Advanced Search features?

What is the Guideline Matrix?

Technical Questions

Which browsers work with the NGC site?

How can another health-related Web site establish a link to NGC?

Are guideline summaries available in a downloadable format?

What does NGC offer to system developers?

How can I subscribe to the NGC weekly e-mail or modify my existing subscription?


Why aren't all of the clinical practice guidelines produced by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) in NGC?

What is the difference between a "clinical guideline," "practice parameter," and "standard"?

How do I obtain the original full-text guideline upon which the NGC guideline summary is based?

Does NGC offer tutorials on how to use the Web site?

I am a patient and have a health-related question. Who can I contact?

How do I cite the information found at the NGC Web site (e.g., a guideline summary, guideline synthesis, or expert commentary)?

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