Colorectal Cancer Screening. Flexible Sigmoidoscopy/TCE Algorithm.

[Return to Prevention Opportunity (Annotation #2)]

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Source: Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI). Colorectal cancer screening. Bloomington (MN): Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI); 2006 Jun. 50 p. Colorectal Cancer Screening Flexible Sigmoidoscopy/TCE Algorithm A = Annotation Conduct exam(s) Conduct colonoscopy Exam adequate? A Schedule re-exam. A Colonoscopy exam adequate? A Prep inadequate? Radiologic exam. A Positive findings? A Positive findings? A Individualized follow-up primary provider Biopsy during flex sig? Refer to colonoscopy. A Biopsy during colonoscopy? Remove entire lesion and treat Adenomatous polyp? A Confirmed diagnosis of colorectal cancer? A Adenomatous polyp? A Return to Prevention Opportunity (Annotation #2) Care management: out of guideline. A Refer to increased risk surveillance (Annotation #5). A All copyrights are reserved by the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, Inc.