Acne Management

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Source: Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI). Acne management. Bloomington (MN): Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI); 2006 May. 33 p. Acne Management Patient presents for treatment of acne / provider observes acne. A A=Annotation 3a. Mild Acne. *Less than 20 comedones, or less than 15 inflammatory papules, or a lesion count of less than 30. Review possible contributing factors. *hormona. *mechanical. *medications.  Modify these as possible. A 3b. Moderate Acne *15-50 papules and pustules with comedones and rare cysts. Total lesion count may range from 30-125. 3c. Severe Acne *Primary inflammatory nodules and cysts. Also present are comedones, papules and pustules or total lesion count of greater than 125. Assess objective severity of acne. 3a Mild acne. 3b Moderate acne. 3c Severe acne. A Assess psychosocial impact of acne. A Choose treatment plan. 5a. Topical treatment. 5b. Topical treatment and oral antibiotics. A Patient education. A Follow-up 6-12 weeks/satisfactory response? A Assess outcome and adherence. A Maintenance. A Modify treatment plan *Consider different/additional medications. *Consider adjunctive therapy. *Consider dermatology referral. A All copyrights are reserved by the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, Inc.